Welcome to Mena Woods Blog

Thank you for stopping by! It is great having you here.
I will love to take you through different stages in my early blog set-up journey. My hope is that you will be here and be a part of its success story.

The Fright Stage

It felt like a milestone achieved the minute I clicked the launch icon. Excitement ran through my veins thrilled at the thought of having my own blog. The “Mena Woods” Blog I chanted under my breath. All of a sudden, I shivered at the very thought of its existence being irrelevant or of me being ridiculed.

Self-Realization Stage

I shook myself out of these negative emotions spurring its way to my head and I decided to brace myself for this new opportunity fueled by passion and the desire to impact as much as I can.

The Pitch

Mena Woods Blog is all about fashion and lifestyle. My personal style will be showcased often as well as other ground breaking and eccentric styles I admire. Oh yes!! I might feel the urge to share my personal ideas or opinions around my niche.

The Reason Behind Mena Woods

I never saw myself blogging. I am not a good writer. So why the heck will I venture into the business of blogging BUT everywhere I go, people felt I needed to showcase my personal style and fashion tips to the world. At first, I brushed it off and probably smiled but that was where it ended. A smile. Same compliments and same suggestions kept on rolling in as days passed and more frequently I might add.

Few weeks ago, it hit me and I began to dig deeper and it dawned on me. I should start this! Life is too short to be scared. And here we are!!!

Brand Promise

It promises to be so much fun and insightful. Hit the follow button, sit back and relax!!!


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