Flamingo Sandals

What came to my mind the first time I saw this sandals was the movie, Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In a moment, I was Katniss Everdeen wearing the amazing custom made “girl on fire dress” designed by Trish Summerville .

Bold, strong ,witty and a pretty face. Good accessories to compliment the sandals! Whew! It felt great.

Okay!Okay! Let’s travel back to the real world. Shall we? Hehe….This sandals will make a statement because the structure gives it that luxury. So going simple will be classic! You can never go wrong with that little black dress sitting in your wardrobe saying “Mademoiselle please adorn me with that beautiful pair of sandals”(reading the quote with a French accent will make all the difference).

PS: Thanks for reading my little write up.

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