In the circle of life with a glass of chocolate milk

I spotted a tall glass of chocolate milk across the banking hall. Was this part of the bank’s offerings? I wondered. They definitely knew what their customers needed. I owed this bank an excellent review. I thought to myself.

This beverage had the most beautiful and sincere eyes I had ever seen. Let’s call this beverage, Sparkle Eyes😉😜

Hello Sparkle Eyes, I said. Do you have a pen? I need to fill this form, I quickly added.

Whilst filling the form, Sparkle eyes threw a question at me out of the blues.

What is your core?

That’s easy. I responded

It is what makes me who I am. It is the centre of my being. Indulge me, if you will. If I find the centre of your being it invariably means that I have found your core. Is that a deal?

Interesting!! Please go ahead. Sparkle eyes agreed in amusement.

At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was trying to impress Sparkle eyes that I was a deep thinker or I was just displaying a rare kind of stupidity in a glorified form. But I couldn’t back down now. I am no quitter. I will get to the finish line.

Let’s assume you are a circle. I continued. All we have to do is find your centre by solving a basic geometric problem. What’s the radius and circumference of your life ? I asked with a stern look on. An attempt to cover my speculated fall from grace. Once we know this, we can accurately find the centre of your life.

Oh my! This must be the most twisted analysis in the history of time. I thought. I had gone off course and I needed an eureka moment.

Aha! I got something.

I smiled at the confused state he was in. Sparkle eyes , I wish life was that simple. I continued. I believe our complexities makes us who we are. We do not know the radius or circumference of our life. But we owe it to ourselves to know ourselves truly. Only then can we say to a large degree that we are in sync with our core and at the centre of it. We are a mad chaos of decisions made mixed with a wonderful blend of individuality, self doubts,vulnerabilities, goals, disappointment and everything in between. Knowing your core is essential because a little bit of you is embedded in the root of all you do. You will do yourself the prestigious good if you take time to know yourself because only then can you be a better version of yourself. A lack of self knowledge comes at a high price.

I looked at Sparkle eyes and for a brief moment it seemed like we were the only ones in the banking hall. I could see the admiration in his eyes 😜 .

In that moment, I knew I made a lot of sense.

Perfect landing! The Lord is good! I rejoiced inwardly.

Little Wonders

The helicopter chuffs it’s way 8 feets above my head. It catches my attention. I stare. A look of certainty, yet still lost. Lust in it’s beauty. Oops!!I forgot to mention, it’s no longer about the helicopter. It’s long gone but my head is positioned in a 45 degree angle still. It’s something really beautiful

The sky.

It’s making way for the sun to set!!

Calm yet striking. Look deeper there is more! A host of angels descending to rescue the world from its ill nature and self destructive acts. A fantasy maybe, a faux possibly, the truth?…well, we may never know. Now would we?

My mind wanders. What shares the same colour with the sky.

The sea??

A tint of doubt circulates my mind but a second assessment reaffirms my answer.

I thought to myself, the sea is such a powerful force. Beautiful from the shores that greets it yet dangerous in its form. In an instance, it could take a life. How can something so beautiful be so dangerous?

Waves that dance in its whispers. A dance formed by a calculated combination of shells, sand and an aggressive body of water .

Nature is such a beauty.

Sometimes I get carried away with the hustle and bustle of life. Damn!! We all do.

Take a moment, breathe, do some yoga if you will, dance salsa, go restaurant hopping or mountain hiking. Whatever rocks your boat. Just do it! Like NIKE

You would see the beauty in the little things and for what it’s worth you would feel like a million bucks, overly grateful to experience a precious moment that cannot be gotten back or taken away from you

Tree Versus Style

Hello Guys,

Let me introduce you to my baby sister. Rezibaby has a beautiful soul. She is amazing and all shades of awesome! She has always been super protective of her money right from when she could say “mama” lol!!!  She is my model for the post.  Doesn’t she look like a million bucks adorned with beautiful color splashes?

Weirdly my musings are not about her but about that deeply rooted tree behind her.

I was taking my routine walks and I felt a dose of serenity immediately I passed a tree that looked like the one in this picture. For a split second, I turned back as if I had gotten a revelation. It immediately struck me. As static as this tree looked, it reminded me of my style language and here goes my list;

  1. My style is deeply rooted in my personality, experiences and imagination.
  2. I unlearn, learn and relearn like a tree that sheds it’s leaves ready for renewal.
  3. My style is clean with an eccentric vibe, a fashion statement necessity likened to our dependence on tree to produce uncontaminated oxygen.
  4. I am interconnected and intertwined in the beauty and essence of life.
  5. I am so much more *winks*

I will end with this saying from Herman Hesse, a tree hugger. This speaks to me and I can identify with his words. I hope you see it the way I do.

“In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only: to fulfill themselves according to their own laws, to build up their own form, to represent themselves… Nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, strong tree.”


Fashion is Art

“I am an Artist”

In a moving car, staring into nothingness,my thoughts rudely interrupted by the bumpy ride. My sight consciously aware of my surroundings and in that instance I see an array of words.

A quote written in colourful font. Colours so bright, it could almost blind you.

Fashion is art and you are the canvas

Hmmn! Interesting, I said to myself. It was so relatable. I am a walking canvas inspired by my 5 senses.

Sometimes I am a bubble of energy and I translate that into my clothe expression. Other times I connect to other cultures from different part of the world and most times I don’t even know where the inspiration springs up from.

It just does!

I show up looking amazing with a breath of fresh air.

I am an interesting being and with me, you get an experience so dynamic and original.
This is a public announcement. I am an artist because fashion is my art!
Mena Woods is the way to go!!! Whoopwhoop!


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